The Solar Thermal Training & Demonstration Initiative
  • First Collector manufactured in Namibia by the participants of Train the Trainer Courses carried out under SOLTRAIN II

    Fenni Shidhika, Helvi Ileka and Virginia Roman, 3 November 2017

    Colleagues from the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre attended the Final Stakeholder Workshop on the Implementation Plan of the Namibian Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap to present the first locally manufactured solar collector. Many of these individuals attended the Train the Trainer courses for professionals carried out previously under SOLTRAIN II. The aim of these courses was to increase the knowledge of professionals on solar thermal systems and to be able to design, build and install such systems.

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  • A tribute to Dr. Anton Schwarzlmueller in Zimbabwe

    Ivan Yaholnitsky, 3 November 2017

    This month’s submission to the Soltrain Newsletter from BBCDC, pays tribute to the work of Dr. Anton Schwarzlmueller in Zimbabwe. One of the great achievements of the SOLTRAIN program is the sharing of ideas and cross fertilization of experience. At one of the first presentations of SOLTRAIN II in Lesotho, Werner Weiss introduced some of the low cost institutional systems that were built by Tony and his team in Zimbabwe.

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  • Solar thermal theoretical and practical workshop for high-school teachers and students at Mahlothova Secondary School, Umguza, Bulawayo

    Blessed Sarema & Samson Mhlanga, 3 November 2017

    The National University of Science and Technology SOLTRAIN team continued with their schools outreach programme aimed at creating awareness about solar thermal technology and applications. This time the destination was Mahlothova Secondary School, located in Umguza District 45 km from Bulawayo on the Victoria Falls Highway. This was the team’s first visit to a school outside Bulawayo thanks to Gawain Badcock who volunteered to tow the Mobile Solar Training Unit, accompanied by Sam Stroupe, a student from Texas Tech University.

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  • SOLTRAIN Project Trailer on display at the Gaborone International Consumer Trade Fair

    Dr. E. Matlotse, 3 November 2017

    The Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC), in partnership with the Department of Energy (DoE) under the Ministry of Minerals Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE), embarked on a public awareness campaign at the Gaborone International Consumer Trade Fair in late August.

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  • New Report from WWFSA: Industrial scale solar heat in SA

    Angelo Buckley, 20 October 2017

    WWF-SA recently published a technical report exploring the barriers and potential for the uptake of solar thermal energy in South Africa in the agri-processing and textile industries. Staff at the Centre for Renewable And Sustainainable Energy Studies at Stellenbosch University, one of the South African SOLTRAIN partners, co-authored the report.

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  • Zimbabwe: Second training course on installation of thermosyphon solar water heating systems

    Blessed Sarema & Samson Mhlanga, 20 October 2017

    The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and SOLTRAIN hosted another round of solar water heating system installer training in Bulawayo in early July. Aimed at improving the quality of installations in Zimbabwe, this was the second round of training, with the first having been conducted in Harare at roughly the same time the previous year.The training was conducted by Rudi Moschik from AEE INTEC alongside Eng. Samson Mhlanga from NUST.

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  • First SOLTRAIN project dissemination training course held at the University of Botswana

    Dr. E. Matlotse, 20 October 2017

    The Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC), ran a successful first dissemination training course in early August. Participants included twenty Ministry of Basic Education technicians resulting in representation from at least two officials for every district in the country.

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  • Namibia: Key Stakeholders commit to implement the Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap (Nam-STTR) Implementation Plan at the Final Stakeholder Workshop

    Fenni Shidhika and Helvi Ileka, 20 October 2017

    The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), through the Namibia Energy Institute (NEI), organised the Final Stakeholder Workshop on the Implementation Plan of the Namibia Solar Thermal Technology Roadmap (Nam-STTR) under the Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative (SOLTRAIN Project) in collaboration with the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME). The workshop took place in late June at the NUST hotel school.

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  • Werner Weiss hands over bursary to Anna Amupolo of Namibia University of Science and Technology

    SOLTRAIN Editor, 21 July 2017

    Werner Weiss handed over a SOLTRAIN student bursary to Anna Amupolo of Namibia University of Science and Technology on the 30th of June, 2017.

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  • Bursaries for Masters Students Working on Solar Thermal Projects

    Monika Spörk-Dür & Werner Weiss, 11 July 2017

    To support the aims of the SOLTRAIN project in the partner countries Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe, and to motivate students at universities to do their masters thesis in the field of solar thermal, four students have been awarded bursaries to facilitate their research. The bursary supports travel costs to visit another institution in Southern Africa for further study or experimental work, equipment to conduct experiments to support the research and running cost of experimental work or further studies.

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  • SOLTRAIN Demonstration Systems at Malealea Lodge and Pony Trekking Centre in Lesotho

    Ivan Yaholnitsky, 10 July 2017

    Malealea Lodge is a 55 room lodge with bar,dining room, recreational hall and thrivingtourism business. It is located about 75km from Maseru in the Mafeteng District and hosts approximately 5 000 visitors per year. There are 28 permanent staff, 12 temporary, 15 pony trekking guides, 30 horse owners, and 15 hiking guides working as commercial community partners. The contribution of the Lodge to the local community is immense.

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  • Data monitoring and analysis for Namibia

    Helvi Ileka and Fenni Shidhika, 10 July 2017

    SOLTRAIN has financed monitoring equipment that is now installed at four of the 62 houses equipped with solar water heating systems (SWH), and at two houses meeting their hot water requirements through electric geysers. The low cost houses low cost were constructed by the National Housing Enterprises (NHE), in Otjomuise, Windhoek. Additional monitoring equipment has also been installed at a residential house in Dorado Park and at Joe’s Beer house.

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  • SOLTRAIN updates from Lesotho

    Puleng Mosothoane, 8 May 2017

    SOLTRAIN Lesotho has provided updates on recent activities, including the 3rd SOLTRAIN Lesotho Roadmap Meeting, Quality Inspector training and further developments regarding its parabolic solar bread baking technology.

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  • SOLTRAIN hands over demonstration trailer to University of Botswana’s Clean Energy Research Centre

    Dr. Edwin Matlotse, 8 May 2017
    The handing-over ceremony of a solar trailer to the University of Botswana’s Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC) took place in early March at the university’s Conference Centre. The 25,000.00 EURO trailer was donated to the institution by SOLTRAIN. During the ceremony, the keys to the trailer were handed over by Mr Rudi Moschik from AEE-INTEC to Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs, Professor Martin M. Mokgwathi. Read more
  • South Africa: SOLTRAIN Presence at African Energy Indaba

    Khothatso Mpheqeke, 26 April 2017
    The Africa Energy Indaba is an annual conference that engages in discussions and seeks solutions to enable adequate energy generation across the continent, and which covers the renewable and non-renewable sectors. The conference took place in February at the Sandton Convention Centre. Read more