The Solar Thermal Training & Demonstration Initiative

Written by SOLTRAIN Editor on 22 February 2018
Anna Amupolo receives her bursary from SOLTRAIN's Werner Weiss

Werner Weiss handed over a SOLTRAIN student bursary to Anna Amupolo of Namibia University of Science and Technology on the 30th of June, 2017.

The bursary is for Anna's research on a comparative study of solar water heater and electrical geyser in terms of performance and financial benefits and the research endeavour seeks to provide proof of concept that a solar water heater is a longterm investment that will save money spent on water heating after the system has paid for itself.

The main objective of this research is to evaluate the economic cost of solar water heater and electrical geyser and this can be achieved by finding the present value of installing a SWH, the present value for installing an electrical geyser, the present value of saving for each system and finding the pay-back period.

This research will also evaluate the energy performance of the solar water heating system based on its long-term thermal performance and efficiency. Since it aims to promote the use of renewable energy, it will also help the consumers to choose the most efficient systems.

The awarding of the bursary is part of a SOLTRAIN initiative to provide support to masters students studying and researching in the field of solar thermal energy which you can find more detail on at this link.