The Solar Thermal Training & Demonstration Initiative

SOLTRAIN puts in a good showing at a high level, international solar conference

Written/submitted by SOLTRAIN on 20 October 2016

The “Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to Improve Energy Access” conference recently took place in Bad Hersfeld, Germany in the latter part of September.

The 185 experts representing 38 countries from all over the world met to present and discuss technological developments and market requirements for increasing solar deployment in developing countries.

In order to strengthen the international professional network and to present the results of SOLTRAIN, experts of the SOLTRAIN partner institutions participated at the conference at the invitation of the Austrian Development Agency.

The SOLTRAIN partner countries put in a good showing with fourteen experts from all six partner countries participating at the conference. Energy advisor to SADC, Wolfgang Moser, Werner Weiss from AEE INTEC and Alexander Karner from the Austrian Development Agency also participated at the conference. SOLTRAIN partners presented results of the joint project as well as from other solar technology-related projects that they are involved in. In all, six oral presentations and seven posters were presented by SOLTRAIN partners.

The poster presented by Anadola Tsiu on “Design, Construction and Testing of a Low-Cost Flat Plate Solar Collector” was selected as one of the three best posters of the conference and was awarded a poster prize.