Austrian ambassador visits SOLTRAIN system at the Cape Brewing Company

South Africa

Submitted by Doran Schoeman
Published 1 year, 3 months ago

Austrian Ambassador to South Africa, Dr. Johann Brieger, visited E3 Energy's Solar Heating for Industrial Process (SHIP) installation at the Cape Brewing Company (CBC) near Cape Town, South Africa.  A tour was provided by Doran Schoeman, General Manager of E3 Energy, the company that installed the system, and Karin Kritzinger, Senior Researcher at the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies at Stellenbosch University.

Anton Trollip, Ambassador Dr. Johann Brieger, Mrs. Roswitha Brieger, Laura Vilkiene from E3 and Doran Schoeman (E3)

The highlight of the technical tour was the large-scale solar thermal array consisting of numerous 10m² collectors which were manufactured by GREENoneTEC in Austria, the supply partner to E3 Energy. The installation of such collectors is a first in the southern African region, performing consistently and providing for 60% of the heating required for CBC's brewing processes over the 6 years that the system has been in operation.

The visit included both an inspection of the solar thermal installation, the integration of the solar heating provided by E3 Energy, and a detailed tour of the brewery and its specific brewing processes. Ambassador Brieger was impressed with the project's implementation and its sustained performance over the past 6 years - a clear indication of the benefits that SHIP projects can have in the industrial sector across Southern Africa.

Visit E3 Energy (Pty) Ltd and the Cape Brewing Company

Anton Trollip, Head Brewer at CBC and Ambassador Dr. Johann Brieger