Hospital solar water heating systems technical tour


Submitted by Samson Mhlanga
Published 5 years, 2 months ago

The National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe’s SOLTRAIN partner, and the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers – Matebeleland Chapter, co-hosted a solar water heating systems technical tour to United Bulawayo public Hospital (UBH) and Mater Dei private Hospital in Bulawayo in mid November.

The delegation on tour

The delegation of over 30 participants included engineers, school and orphanage representatives and students from the university’s Engineering Faculty. The highlights of the tour included a demonstration of the benefits of solar water heating systems at the institutions, the design of industrial solar water heating systems and solar water heating systems potential in Zimbabwe. Eng. S Mhlanga also highlighted the role of SOLTRAIN in supporting solar thermal technology uptake and the demonstration systems cofunding.

he UBH system has 98 flat plate collectors with a surface area of 215m2, and 20 000 l of storage capacity. The SOLTRAIN funded system at Mater Dei Hospital has 12 flat plate collectors with a surface area of 24m2 and 1000 l of storage capacity, supplying the laundry, and a 6 flat plate collector system with a surface area of 12m2 and 500 l of storage capacity for a pre-heat water system for the boiler.