Solar drying innovations in Lesotho


Submitted by Puleng Mosothoane
Published 2 years, 6 months ago

Solar dryers have been taken to new level in Lesotho as Solarsoft introduces dryers that are operated by both solar thermal heat and electricity.

Solar dyers with only the sun as the source of energy

Customers have shown great interest in Solarsoft's range of solar dryers which come in different sizes.

Fruit drying in Lesotho is an effective preservation strategy, ensuring that dried fruit is available out of season, and several deliveries of all types of the Solarsoft dryers have been made to satisfied customers.

Solarsoft is a legal trademark of Lesotho SOLTRAIN partner, the Bethal Business and Community Development Center, and is protected by law in Lesotho and South Africa. Solarsoft provides a full-service solar energy sales and service outlet in the town of Mohales Hoek, Lesotho.

The inside part of the solar dryer with the combination of electricity