SOLTRAIN demo system at Lar São Pedro Julião seminary in Mozambique


Submitted by Geraldo Nhumaio & Rudi Moschik
Published 1 year, 3 months ago

Lar São Pedro Julião is a Catholic seminary, which accommodates about 20 junior priests. The hostel was founded in 1991 and is located 3 km away from the Maputo Town Center. Residents come from all the corners of Mozambique to stay at this location.

Fig. 2 – Installed thermosiphon systems at “Lar São Pedro Julião”

In the past, hot water in the accommodation facilities was provided by electrical geysers and instant water heaters, and when a feasibility study was conducted, it was estimated that the total hot water consumption amounted to 800 litres a day.

After assessing the placement possibilities for a solar water heating system required to provide this volume, it was concluded that 5 thermosiphon systems would be optimal given the spacing of the consumption blocks.

The procurement of local capacity for the installation of the system was not easy, given that only one local company had the required technical and practical training. This made it acceptable to organize a joint installation with the South African company, SEG Solar Energy, and provided a good opportunity for skills transfer.

Another challenge was the raising of the required co-funding which happened incrementally via the savings of the principal's and priest's annual allowances.

The residents of the seminary are happy with the systems and the electricity consumption has been reduced significantly. The seminary principal also presented recently on the installation at a SOLTRAIN Social Sector Workshop in Maputo.

Fig. 1 – Mozambican inspection team, that gets hands-on-skills at the thermosiphon systems at “Lar São Pedro Julião”