SOLTRAIN Highlights in 2016


Submitted by Ivan Yaholnitsky
Published 6 years, 7 months ago

In January BBCDC conducted a one week course on solar energy technology and utilisation for a group of eight individuals sponsored by the Malealea Development Trust in Lesotho. It was a general introduction to solar energy and included physics, current economics, solar geometry and applications. The group installed a small PV system during the week, built a solar oven, fabricated and installed a solar chimney for ventilation, and built a flat plate water heating collector. The course was hands on and included many workshop activities.


Solar water heating system

In February BBCDC completed installation of another demonstration solar water heating system at Edma Guest House in Mohales Hoek under the auspices of SOLTRAIN 2. Three 150 litre high pressure indirect systems with flat plate collectors were installed.

Success with solar fruit and vegetable driers

From January to March, the BBCDC students and workshop were busy with an order placed by World Vision Lesotho for 366 solar fruit and vegetable driers. BBCDC students carried out all the fabrication and assembly and the project has been such a success that in June.

A parabolic solar cooker at work on a clear day used for testing solar cooking technologies.