SOLTRAIN Project Trailer on display at the Gaborone International Consumer Trade Fair


Submitted by Dr. E. Matlotse
Published 5 years, 4 months ago

The Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC), in partnership with the Department of Energy (DoE) under the Ministry of Minerals Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE), embarked on a public awareness campaign at the Gaborone International Consumer Trade Fair in late August.

The department of energy (DoE) stall at the Gaborone International Consumer Trade Fair. The SOLTRAIN project trailer was displayed by CERC in a partnership with DoE. Also shown is CERC’s biodiesel powered utility vehicle.

Activities included the setting up of adjacent stalls by both CERC and the DoE, as well as putting the SOLTRAIN project trailer on display. In keeping with the public awareness component of the SOLTRAIN project, it was hoped that the presence of the trailer would promote awareness of different solar thermal technology principles and concepts, and highlight some of the benefits of clean energy to Botswana citizens. Building acceptance is seen as an important step towards the mainstreaming renewable energy technologies.

CERC’s and the DoE’s public awareness efforts seemed to have paid off, with many visitors expressing interest in the technologies and an appreciation of what it is that the two parties are trying to achieve. Most importantly, they came to appreciate how they can also be a part of the country’s journey towards a sustainable energy future.