SOLTRAIN supports the installation of another 100 solar thermal demonstration systems


Submitted by Werner Weiss
Published 2 years, 9 months ago

The support of the installation of solar thermal demonstration systems in so called “Flagship Districts” continues in Phase 4 of SOLTRAIN, with the goal to co-fund the installation of another 100 solar water heating systems for different applications. The districts were established in all six partner countries in the previous phases of the project after consultation with policy, local authorities, training and research institutions, industry and NGOs.

The solar water heating systems for the apartment houses in Melville Place in Cape Town are just some of the many systems installed within the scope of SOLTRAIN

The aim of Flagship Districts is to have several systems for different applications at different eligible institutions installed relatively close together (i.e. a small region or district). This also helps to increase the visibility and impact of the SOLTRAIN demonstration systems. 

As in the previous phases, it is intended to motivate all institutions, direct project partners as well as local authorities and the solar thermal companies that were trained, to propose institutions for the installation of solar thermal systems. 

If possible, applications for demonstration systems will have a special focus on institutions that support women and marginalised groups. Social institutions, hospitals, clinics, communities as well as small enterprises are also eligible to directly apply for co-funded demonstration systems. 

The subsidy from SOLTRAIN is limited to a maximum of 50% of the overall system cost for the beneficiary. 

By the end of August 2020, applications for a total of 31 systems had been received. 29 of these have already been approved by the Steering Committee. The majority of the approved plants are under construction or already in operation.

Further applications for support for the installation of solar thermal demonstration systems can be submitted directly to all project partners. The project partners will provide a special application form for this purpose.